Having a healthy plumbing system is key to having a fully functioning home. However, not many people are aware of how their plumbing system works or even how to maintain it properly. More often than not, this lack of knowledge causes a number of problems that can cost a significant amount of money to fix. If you want to avoid plumbing issues, don’t pay attention to common plumbing myths such as these.

Small Leaks Aren’t Something To Be Concerned About

This is actually the opposite because if small leaks are not addressed immediately, the slow dripping can lead to mould growth. This, in turn, can compromise the safety and integrity of your walls, and the foundation of your home. More importantly, when they all add up, small leaks can increase your water bill.

It’s Okay To Deodorise The Disposal With Lemon Peel

While it is true that crushed lemon peel can make your home smell good, throwing them into the garbage disposal to remove its unpleasant smell is not exactly a good idea. Not all disposals are alike. Therefore, not all of them can easily grind lemon peels down. As such, it would be wise to simply abandon this idea if you don’t want to damage your garbage disposal.

Putting Leftovers Down Into The Disposal Is Ok

This is perhaps one of the biggest plumbing myths out there. While a garbage disposal can easily shred food leftovers that are soft and easy to break, putting the remnants of your dinner or lunch into it isn’t something you should do. Even soft foods such as bacon fat or pasta can still cause clogging that may lead to burst pipes.

Once Something Goes Down The Toilet, It’s Gone Forever

Toilets are for the removal of human waste and toilet paper only. While there’s a chance that your dead goldfish or your kid’s small toy will be flushed out completely through the system, it’s also likely that they will either get stuck in the middle of the pipes or come back and go rushing out of the bowl. As such, you must never flush anything down the toilet apart from the two things mentioned above.

Using Chemical Liquids Will Fix Clogging Problems

Sure, liquid drain cleaners can help, but they only provide a temporary solution to a serious clogging problem. Also, they work only when the clog is caused by something that can be dissolved. This means that if there are solid materials in your pipes, such as clumps of hair, hairpins, or hairbrush bristles, using chemical liquids won’t solve your problem.

For any plumbing problem, it’s still best to hire a professional plumber, like Healthy Plumbing. With professional help, you can be sure that any plumbing issues won’t come back to haunt you again.