If your water meter is ticking over when there is no one at your property using water, it could be a sign of a leak. If you suspect you have a water leak at your home, these tips will help you to locate it and avoid receiving a large water bill down the track.

Water Leak Detection

There are some basic checks you can do around the home to detect a water leak. These include:

  • Toilets – check for obvious ripples in the bowl or you can hold a piece of toilet paper up to the rim to detect smaller leaks.
  • Shower & Taps – hold you hand under the faucet to check for water droplets. Sometimes there is water on the floor or in the basin in the morning when no one has turned the water on since the night before.
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets  –  examine in and around cabinets. Check for dampness and any signs of rot. If there is a long-term leak, it may be affecting your flooring so check for signs of water damage.
  • Hot Water System – look for water around your hot water system and around the overflow pipe.
  • Garden Taps & Hoses – check for leaking hoses, taps and increased growth of grass around taps.
  • Swimming Pool – If you are constantly having to top up your swimming pool, it could be a sign of a leak.

How To Fix A Leaking Pipe

If you can’t find where a leak is coming from, you’ll need to call your local plumber. Healthy Plumbing in Nowra services all of the Shoalhaven, and can help with everything from hidden water leaks to bathroom renovations and hot water system repairs. Get in touch with our team and book in an appointment for us to track down your hidden water leak! We are also happy to provide a cost estimate over the phone.