It’s normal for pipes to make some noise. After all, there’s water running through them, and this is known to create certain noises. But when they start making sounds that you haven’t heard before, you should be concerned. It’s very likely that these noises are due to certain plumbing issues such as a blocked drain or busted pipe. Here are some of the most common odd noises you might hear from your plumbing system and what they could potentially mean.

Squeaky Taps

If you hear a squeaky noise coming from your taps, it means that the tap stem needs to be lubricated. To address this problem, we would remove the tap handle and grease the stem. Make sure you let us know as soon as you hear the squeaky noise to prevent the fitting from becoming worn out and requiring more in-depth repairs.

Screaming Tap

Does your tap “scream” when you turn it on? If it does, it’s very likely that you need a new washer. If you don’t get a new washer immediately, your tap is likely to start leaking. To eliminate a screaming tap, simply turn the water off and call Healthy Plumbing to replace the old washer with a new one.

Gurgling Toilet

If your toilet is making a gurgling sound, there are two possible reasons why it is behaving as such. If the toilet is gurgling while your toilet is not running, you probably have a blocked toilet or sewer line. On the other hand, if the toilet is making the noise while it is running, you might have a faulty ballcock or a worn-out valve that needs replacement. Either way, simply call your local Nowra Plumber to help you solve the problem and set up a regular plumbing maintenance schedule.

Rattling Pipes

Is the sound of pipes rattling through the wall of your home keeping you up at night? If your pipes are vibrating or banging loudly while the taps aren’t turned on, you probably have a lot of serious plumbing issues on your hands.

One reason the pipes are rattling against the wall is that they may be too loose. Another reason is that the water pressure could be too high. Either way, you shouldn’t ignore these problems as they could lead to damaged appliances and fittings, as well as broken pipes.

Plumbing Maintenance in Nowra

Frequent plumbing maintenance will prevent your plumbing system from making weird noises and causing further problems. Make sure to take good care of your plumbing system and have your friendly plumber at speed-dial to avoid problems!