At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, toilet paper became a hot commodity and as people looked for alternatives, one particular product started generating a lot of interest – the bidet

If you’ve travelled to Europe or Japan you’ve probably encountered a bidet before. And most likely, you ignored it. Using the toilet is an intensely private experience and one most of us aren’t that keen on experimenting with it. However, the benefits of bidets are often overlooked, most likely because we don’t know what they are, nor understand how to use them.

Here’s what you need to know.

What Is A Bidet?

Put simply, a bidet shoots water where you need it after using the toilet. While we use toilet paper to wipe, bidets wash and clean the area with water instead. You then pat dry with toilet paper, a towel or use the drying function if there is one.

Who Invented The Bidet?

As the word might suggest, it was the French who invented the bidet. Specifically, Christophe des Rosiers, who installed one in the bathroom of the then French Prime Minister’s wife’s bathroom sometime around 1700 when baths were only a weekly occurrence. Their popularity took off from there and spread to Italy, but they have never been a thing in Australia, England or the USA. 

Why Aren’t Bidets Popular In Australia?  

Most likely because they have never been popular in England. 


Should I Get A Bidet?

The great toilet paper crisis of 2020 saw interest in bidets skyrocket both here in Australia, and across other parts of the world, and while there is no way we are going to run out of toilet paper anytime soon, a bidet is still a practical and environmentally friendly purchase. Not only will you be saving money on toilet paper, but you will be flushing fewer trees down the toilet. 

Plus, the bidet has come a long way from its humble beginnings:

There are many luxury electronic models to choose from with functions like heated seats, auto flush, night lights, warm air dryer and water-saving mode. 

Where Can I Buy A Bidet?

Everyone from Amazon to Bunnings is in the bidet market and there are also a number of specialist retailers online.

Once you’ve purchased your bidet, you’ll need a licensed plumber to install it. Get in touch with Healthy Plumbing for a free quote or to book an appointment.